7 Best Coupon Apps that Can Save You Big Bucks

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Couponing can save you a lot of bucks if done rightly – and of course with the right set of tools. On the flip side, hunting for coupons is a lot of work, admittedly. Ordinarily, you’d have to scout newspapers, peruse coupon websites endlessly, ask friends just to find coupons. C’mon, that’s a lot of work.

Thankfully, couponing apps can save you all that stress. Even better, some mobile coupon apps are smart enough to help you plan your shopping list. More also, these apps are compatible with all smartphones, so you needn’t worry about the OS of your mobile device.

On your marks….go!

#1. Ibotta

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Looking to make some bucks while doing the thing you love; shopping? Ibotta is the way to go. Basically, ibotta is a rebate app that rewards users with cash which can be redeemed on submitting a proof of purchase. Usually, snapshots of purchased items are accepted as a proof.

Even if you chose not to buy, the app will still reward you for performing simple tasks like watching a video or participating in a survey.

What I find sweet about Ibotta is most grocery brands are on it. Also, the app rewards you for referring a friend. Awesome huh!

#2. SnipSnap

Freaked about couponing? SnipSnap was specially made for you.

SnipSnap – I must say – makes couponing incredibly easy. All you’d have to do when using this free app is to search for a particular retailer or a product type; SnipSnap takes care of the rest. It will automatically sort through coupons based on their expiration date, proximity and best deal, and download them straight to your mobile device.

The coolest part: SnipSnat will automatically alert you once you come in close range with a great coupon deal.

It is available both on Android and iOS.

#3. Grocery IQ

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This mobile coupon app wasn’t tagged “iQ” for nothing – it is darn smart. Best bet for couponers who can’t just can’t shop without a list.

What the app actually does it to scan through Coupons.com, the makers of the app, for coupons related to the items on a shopping list.

The beauty of Grocery iQ comes from its ability to quickly build a shopping list using your preferences. Also, the app will automatically alert you once a coupon on any product on your shopping list becomes available.

#4. Yowza

Sick and tired of clipping coupons all the time? Hand over your troubles to Yowza.

Unlike most other money-saving-apps, Yowza pulls discount codes and grocery deals directly from the manufacturer’s website – meaning more saving for you. Also, it also has a great catalog of retailer coupons, ensuring you don’t miss out on great deals.

Interestingly, Yowza scores for coupons based on your location, too.

To use, simply present your phone to the cashier when checking out – everything else goes into autopilot mode.

#5. RetailMeNot

If couponing were to be a kingdom, RetailMeNot would be its king. Taking it or not, coupon hunting is never complete without this app.

Like most other apps, RetailMeNot offer location based deals, and has a massive catalog of deals from over 50,000 retailers.

The app is great if you can’t just do without comparing deals between two or more stores– there is always money to be saved.

#6. Checkout51

Checkout51 is a rebate app in that if offers shopper rewards in form of redeemable cash for products they purchase. However, users can only redeem their rewards on reaching a threshold of $20.

Like Ibotta, you need to take pics of purchased items, and then uploading the pics on the app.

If you don’t wish to redeem your cash, you can use it to make more purchases.

#7. Coupon Sherpa

Looking to get grocery coupons on your phone at the click of a button? Coupon Sherpa is the way to go.

Not only does the app provide users with coupons on brand specific products, it also keeps track of a user’s favourite retailer.

To use, simply show your phone to the cashier when checking out, and they will take care of the rest.


Whether you use Android or iOS enabled device, you can easily cut down on expenditure by putting your device to good use.










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