8 Ways to Invest $1000 to Get Maximum Return

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Have you got $1000 you wish to invest, but having a hard time figuring out exactly where to put your money?

Investing can be scary and exciting at the same time – you can start out with $1,000 and become a millionaire or lose everything. Either way, there is no room for sitting on the fence.

In this post, I will show you the best way to invest for maximum return starting at just $1,000. Even better, you don’t have to be an investment guru to put these tactics into practice.

Ready? Let’s get this thing going shall we

#1. First, Invest in Yourself

I know what you are likely thinking now; how the heck does investing in myself yield any monetary return?

Well, investing in your financial education is a good first step to creating wealth for yourself. Tell you what? The man who has the idea but hasn’t got the money is miles ahead of the man who has got the money but just clueless.

When it comes to investing in yourself, there is a broad spectrum of options

  • Learn a skill by buying hands-on course on  Udemy
  • Read financial investment books by Robert Kiyosaki
  • Subscribe to WallStreet or Financial times journal
  • Listen to TED talk show as often times as possible.
  • Buy books that teach how to invest in stocks for starters.

Guess what? None of the above learning hacks will cost you more than $400.


#2. Real Estate Crowdfunding

At its basics, real estate crowdfunding is about partnering with other investors to acquire a real estate property. This investment model is a good fit for investors looking to cut their teeth on real estate, but limited in funds.

A good first step to investing in real estate crowdfunding is finding the best online platform. Here are some of the good ones that are worth giving a shot at:

While the first 2 on the list require a minimum investment of $5k, iFunding accepts investors with as little as $1k. There are many more out there that do the same.

Do check the risk factor of each of these platforms before taking a dive.

#3. Lend to Others

Banks make money by lending out money to others right? So also can you.

Now, since you don’t have sufficient financial base to compete with banks, it is best you leverage peer-to-peer lending platforms.

Like real estate crowdfunding, peer-to-peer platform matches you with borrowers.

Peer-to-peer lending is the best way to invest money, particularly for those still trying to get a hang of investment.

To give yourself a head start, consider joining any of the following peer-to-peer lending platforms:

$150 per month is enough to get you kick-started.

#4. Motif Investing

With just $250, you can start investing right now with Motif. A motif is an investment unit consisting of stocks and mutual funds. The stock units contained in a motif are niche focused. For instance, there is a motif for solar energy, semiconductor and Apple.

Head over to Motif to learn more and open an investment polio today.


#5. Give Your Money to an Investment Expert

 Navigating the terrains of investment can be terrifying especially for starters.

So, instead of risking the little that you have, it is best to have an expert manage your investment. Though they will charge a commission, the benefits you stand to enjoy greatly outweighs whatever commission you pay.

#6. Exchange Traded Fund

One of the biggest mistake you will make as an up and coming investor is putting all your eggs in one basket. Diversification is key here.

For the sake of diversification, investing your $1,000 in Exchange Trade Fund -ETF for short – is the best thing to do.

One sweet thing about ETF is that they can be easily traded anytime any day, so liquidating your asset shouldn’t be a problem.

Wrapping Things up

As you have seen there is a lot that $1000 can do for you. With the right strategy and a little appetite for risk, you could be a millionaire – who knows!





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