Amazing Calendar and Souvenir Deals: Get up to 75% discount

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Looking for the best calendar souvenir to give to someone you really care about? A Calendar is definitely your best bet. – a notable Calendar and Souvenir maker – has put together some amazing deals for calendar lovers, and they are offering you the chance to save big on every purchase.

Check out some of the available designs

Cat Design



For cat lovers, this desk calendar design is your biggest bang.

The breeds of cats featured on this calendar are plentiful. The spotted Savannah, the Ragdoll-Himalayan, the Tabby etc., are all here.


For the car lovers, you baby has just arrived!

The car designs on this wall calendar will make your jaws drop. It’s got a Bugatti Veron, a Lamborghini and lots of other exotic car brands on it.


  • Each calendar page has four different months of the year printed on it
  • Special holidays are marked on each page
  • There is ample space for writing down dates and contacts
  • Dates of the previous and next month can be viewed with ease.


Longing for a nice holiday at the tropical Islands? Well, one just came to you.

Measuring 12”X12”, this tropical beach themed wall calendar is your best if you are looking to give your room a facelift.

It also has a 4-month view, too.


Teddy bears

Oh…those little adorable, cuddly little things. Wouldn’t it be nice to have them stare at you at all times?

This beautiful calendar has got lots of teddy bear designs on it. You will sure love it. That’s a promise.

It measures 12”X12”, and a 4-month view.

Like other calendars, special holidays are marked on it, and there is room for writing down notes.


Have a thing for beautiful flowers? You will sure love this calendar 

It has everything thing you would look for in a calendar.


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