How and Where to Earn Bitcoin Fast

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Bitcoin started like a joke some 8 years ago. It was created by an elusive programmer by the pseudo name Satoshi Nakamoto. But today, this cryptocurrency has become a buzzword. Everybody, including big companies, are talking about it. Microsoft, the world largest software maker, now accept bitcoins -btc for short – as a means of payment.

Even better, Paypal has integrated the digital currency unto its platform, making it easy for investors to buy bitcoins with PayPal.

As Bitcoin’s value continues to rise, it has become needful for hustlers like you, desirous of creating wealth, to have a slice of the cake.

Now, you don’t have to be a programmer, neither do you have to be a revered investor to make a killing with bitcoins. In this post, I will share with you the many different ways of earning bitcoins fast without hassles.

Ready? Bet you are.

earn bitcoin

#1. Mining them

Hey! Wait a minute, are you trying to tell me I have to go digging and excavating just to find bitcoins? Did that question cross your mind? Sorry to break it to you, but there won’t be any need for that.

Bitcoin mining is done via dedicated computer systems with powerful processing capability. To mine the coin, instruct the computer to solve a complex set of mathematical problems, and for every solved problem, you will be awarded a coin. Simple right? Not really.

The drawback with bitcoin mining is that it keeps getting harder by the day, and it takes an incredible amount electricity to power the computer that mines them.

Besides, the computers used for the mining of btc don’t come cheap. If you are not careful, the goose that was supposed to lay golden egg could become the vulture that will tear you apart.

So, unless you have enough cash to buy a mining machine and pay for high utility bills, you might have to look elsewhere.

#2. Buying it

earn bitcoin

If mining this crypto coin is beyond your reach, the most likely option is buying it. Luckily, bitcoin trading has become so easy that anyone can buy Bitcoin with a credit card.

There are generally three routes to buying this di:

  • Exchanger website: Exchanger websites can be considered as trading platforms that connects sellers and buyers of Btc. The upside of exchanger website is that they are, to a very large extent, safe. You have little to be worried about.

On the flip side, you might have to go through a ton of paperwork to have your account approved. This is because bitcoin is heavily regulated in most countries, and so exchangers are mandated to know their customers’ ins and outs. Coinbase and Blockchain are good exchanging platforms to start with.


  • ATM machines: Buying and selling btc via ATM machines is super-duper easy. Transacting on this machine is as simple as inputting the amount of bitcoin you want to transact, and then hitting the send button. Once you are done with that, show the machine the QR code of your wallet – that’s all. The easiest way to find a machine is by using a map like this one.


  • Physical transaction: Yeah, the good ol’ in-person transaction – works well for bitcoin transactions. This technique is relatively simple. Find someone interested in buying/selling, arrange to meet in person and then deliver. Do bear in mind, however, that bitcoin can’t be refunded, so exercise caution when selling in-person.

#3. Earn it

Say you are just starting out and have no money to buy bitcoins let alone invest in a mining machine. The best you can do in such a situation is to earn bitcoin, legitimately of course.

To get on with this, you need to offer bitcoin related services and gigs to those in need of it. I must say your options are near limitless – thousands of businesses and individuals are looking for such services every day. Typical gigs you might take on include:

  • Writing: Perfect if you are knowledgeable about btc.
  • Web development
  • Graphic design
  • Blockchain development

There are still many more gigs you could do. Head over to coinality to find a job that fits you, now.

#4. Play Bitcoin Games

Yep! You heard right…you can earn some real coins right in the comfort of your home by playing games compatible with most mobile devices. Sounds too good to be true?

The downside is that your earnings will be remarkably small, and you will have to burn your precious little time to earn them. Of course, this shouldn’t be a problem if you have plenty of free time at your disposal.

Recommended games include bitcoin alien and chopcoin.  


#5. Sell stuff to earn bitcoin

Got a PC you no longer use and wish to sell it? Sell it of and ask the buyer to pay in bitcoin. That’s another legitmate way to earn bitcoin fast.

The process is pretty simple. Head over to bitify, create an account, put up what you wish to sell, and buyers with bitcoin will start knocking on your doors. Simple isn’t it?


Wrapping things up

Bitcoin value continues to rise in leaps and bounds to this day. The best time to invest is now – that’s how to make millions of bitcoin; buying now and leaving till its price appreciates.



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